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Jennifer maintains a small private voice studio in the High Park area. An experienced teacher and performer, Jennifer welcomes new students of all ages and levels of experience.  Although her training is in classical voice, she has a background in musical theatre and enjoys exploring other genres of music with her students.  She believes proper vocal technique is the foundation to every style of singing, and strives to teach her students to sing with ease and confidence.  Her lessons will focus on proper breath control, tone production, resonance, posture, and diction. She also stresses the importance of basic musical skills, and encourages her students to work on piano proficiency, ear training, sight-reading, and theory.  Jennifer has prepared students for Royal Conservatory exams, high school music exams, university entrance auditions, and performances.  A fun and outgoing teacher, Jennifer caters to each individual student and provides a relaxed, encouraging environment in which to learn.  Please contact her at for more information.


"Hi Jennifer! I just wanted to thank you for everything. Lessons with you really helped and I just recently got my mark back, a 96%! Thank you so much, I hope you have a spot for me this fall." ~ Victoria, 15.

"Jennifer is an excellent teacher - I've learned more vocal technique with her in a year than I thought I could. She also helped me go from a theory mark of 74% to a 91% - a huge improvement. Thank you!" ~ Jesse, 19

"I can say without hesitation that we are so fortunate to have found such a dedicated and gifted teacher. When I sent my daughter to you I really didn't have any expectations that it would change the direction of her life to such a degree. What I've learned over the years is that talent is one thing but learning the technical complexity of singing is another matter. You've done an amazing job with her and she sees you as a mentor in every sense of the word" ~ Mary (parent of a student)

Jennifer Taverner